Welcome to Save-Music.org

Based on the philosophical foundation that all students should have the right to make music as a part of the core curriculum, this website provides assistance to the music educator, music coalition and local school district.

As advocates for public school music education we work with you to build, save and restore music programs. We:

  • Serve as consultants to the local music coalition and school district;
  • Develop Status Reports profiling music programs in the local school district;
  • Provide advocacy lectures and seminars to college/university music education students, including courses for credit; and,
  • Serve the local music retailer by providing music advocacy seminars.

Subjects for presentation include the process and politics of educational decision-making, finance and funding, and educational reform.

If it has to do with music in the schools, your contributions, comments and questions are welcome on this site. It is our goal to help you move from survival to vision.